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London Newborn Baby Photographer

A newborn baby photoshoot is all about capturing this precious moment in time…… as the first few days pass by in a blur of feeding & sleepless nights your newborn is already starting to grow & change. Time moves fast and your newborn will never be this small again, so your newborn session can be used to capture every little detail. 

We love newborn photography as it can really highlight how tiny your baby is compared to you and we’re more than happy to have a consultation about your photography session in advance and give advice on what to bring with our newborn photography tips.

Newborn photos create memories to treasure forever………

For any questions, enquiries or information, just drop Debbie an email on: 

Professional Newborn Photography, North London

Joel is an award winning qualified professional portrait photographer. He is highly experienced in family photography, maternity photography and newborn photography. Not only does he love photographing newborn sessions, but, being a Dad of two he so often says….

.....photographing newborns takes me back to the overwhelming joy & instant love I experienced when I held both of my baby boys for the first time. I know just how long you have waited to meet your baby & how you wish you could freeze time to cherish your baby's first days forever.....

With the power of photography newborn babies and your whole family story can be captured to do just that – effectively freeze this moment in time. During your photo session you can be safe in the knowledge that your baby is in experienced hands and with Joel’s artistic photography skills, you know you will have some amazing newborn photos. We also keep and archive all photographs so that once these tender moments have been recorded, you will always have the option to come back to remember every wonderful bit of it.

When is the Best Time for Newborn Photography?

The best time to book your newborn session for your newborn photography is in the first 14 days. This is the ideal time to capture their perfect nose, their tiny toes and the cute sleepy poses. However, if you miss this window – don’t worry – babies as they grow through 3 months to 6 months old and beyond are just as lovely to photograph with their developing characteristics & ever changing faces & expressions. 

We allow extra time in our Enfield photography studio when booking a newborn shoot as time for feeds & cuddles is all part of the portrait session. We keep the studio cosy & warm for your precious little ones & we have wraps, blankets & a variety of props, baskets & outfits which can be used. We are also very happy and will actively encourage you to bring in your own favourite new clothes, any favourite costumes or even your own props which you would love to have photographed with your new edition.

If you have a due date we can provisionally book a photography session in for 5-7 days after that date. However, babies often have their own time-scale as to when they want to make an appearance and arrive whenever THEY are ready for this world. So, if he or she arrives early or is keeping you waiting and going to arrive late, just keep us in touch with timings and we can easily adjust the newborn session booking to make sure it’s when suits you and your baby’s arrival.

How It Works

To book a baby photoshoot with us we charge £45 which reserves an hour and a half to two hours of photography time in our Enfield studio so that different looks, props and family groups can be accommodated, but there’s also plenty of time for those essential feeds & cuddles.

The initial £45 fee also includes an additional private appointment (at a later date) to view your beautiful images (edited so that some are colour and some are black and white) on our large cinema style screen. We have a ‘no minimum order’ policy, so once you have enjoyed your own ‘private cinema’ viewing and can’t believe how much your baby has grown in such a short space of time, you simply choose which ones are your favourites. (If you don’t like them you don’t have to buy them).

Photograph prices start at £45 for an individual portrait print in folder. We have a wide range of fine art wall portraits and products as well as a beautiful range of luxury albums available including our ‘baby book’ options.  We also offer the option to purchase digital images with the reproduction rights with various USB and print box options available.

We offer parents with newborns and babies THREE  family photo shoots (siblings are very welcome) for the price of one to enable you to capture “a year in the life” as new additions change soooo much so quickly. And we also archive everything at no extra cost so once your little one is captured, you’ll always be able to come back to those precious first moments.

For full details of our newborn photography prices please email us on: 

Our Experience

Our boys have taught us that children, as they grow, LOVE to see photographs of themselves on display. Family photographs around the home inspire questions such as “was I really that small?”, “what was I like at that age?” and “when did I start talking?” But most importantly of all, the family photographs chosen at this special time and those chosen as they grow, can remind them of how much they were wanted and how loved they are – at least that’s how our boys feel!

"We had a fantastic baby shoot with the lovely Joel, who was endlessly patient with us and our less than co-operative 2 week old! He really takes pains to ensure the atmosphere is relaxed and he put us at ease which made a huge difference as neither of us are normally comfortable being photographed. The photos were superb and for two photo-shy people we have ended up with images we're happy to share - even on social media which is nothing short of a miracle! Joel's wife is also very lovely. Really recommend their service and expertise if you want to be certain of having photographs you can be proud of."